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I know that there are certain truths one must accept in life. I just want to know more.
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1. You start dying the moment you’re born. And you’re gradually accelerating your death by living dangerously and carelessly.

2. he natural incentive for a human to love another human is to find a selfish reason that would be mutually beneficial to them both.

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1. That you were born alone and you will die alone. Try living a meaningful life as much as possible. Have goals and work on them daily if you can.

2. You won't be young forever. Clearly your biological clock is ticking every day. You get those small reminders of your mortality.

3. You may have over 10 people who you consider as friends but only 1 or 2 will be there for you during your hard times. Be even thankful if you have 1.

4. That you are not that important no matter who you are. Everyone has their personal life and is engrossed in their own problems. Don't think too much what people will say because in the first place they are not thinking about you.

5. What is in your mind is an exact reflection of what is happening in your life. You wonder why you keep making the same mistake over and over again or why you keep failing at something you are good at. What you need to do is go through your beliefs and self talk and eliminate those thoughts that are not working for you. You do this by replacing old thoughts with new ones. I call it displacement.

6. There is no virtue in being weak. Weakness isn’t a good thing. Being spineless and letting people walk all over you does not make you a “moral” person. And neither will people pity you and stop treating you like shit: on the contrary, they’ll push you around even more if you don’t push back.
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1. How you look matters a lot. A tall man with a good face will have a much easier time making friends and commanding respect than a shorter, uglier man. A hot, young women will have a much easier time getting love and attention from men than an older/less-attractive woman.
2. Where you are born matters a lot. The lottery of birth determines how/if you’ll live. A child born in Norway or South Korea will have a much easier life than a child born in the Congo for example.
3.Your IQ matters a lot. IQ has been found to correlate significantly with career success, financial success, criminality and quality of life. And the worst part is that your IQ is fixed at birth: you can’t change it.
4. A lot depends on sheer, dumb luck. People underestimate just how important luck is in their lives. Whether you get the job, win the contract or fall in love with the right girl often comes down to being at the right place at the right time.
5. Everybody’s got a number. No one’s truly non-corrupt: it’s just that for some people, the price-tag for which they will compromise their morals/integrity is a bit higher than others.
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1. Small habits lead to big changes. Don’t under-estimate the power of compounding. Eating crappy food every day for 10 years will make you a diabetic in your late 30s. Exercising every day for just 30 minutes and reading a page of a good book every day will make you a balanced, well-rounded man in less than 5 years.

2. Men and women are fundamentally different. Men and women want different things out of life, look for different qualities in a partner, prioritize different careers and have different perspectives on similar issues, generally speaking. No amount of leftist propaganda and social engineering can change that.

3. People only care about what you can do for them. People might act like they care, they may sympathize with you and they may act like they value you just the way you are. But in they end, how much they actually value or respect you is really just a function of what you can do for them.

4. That you will have depressive periods in your life. Not everything will work out exactly as you want. Rule of thumb is don't be too attached to the outcome of every event.

5. That money is important. Most couples break up because of money issues where one wants to spend and the other is not working or not earning enough. Make sure you learn new skills that will help you make enough for how you want to live. I would advise you to start saving early in life to be able to have enough for the future.

6. Happiness is found in the pursue of a worthy endeavor. Material things won't contribute much to your level of happiness.

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