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People often have to live in the same compound with  their landlord or landlady and the experience could be something. I've heard peoples stories about such experience. I've also had a fair share of that experience but I want people on this platform to air our their stories.
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Me I had a pretty nice landlord oh. Maybe it's because he was a man. He ws alwyz so generous and accommodating. It really pained me when I had to relocate!!

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Some years back, when I was still in school, I stayed a two flat apartment of which the landlady lived in one of the flats while my roommate and I stayed in the other flat. At the beginning, it all seemed fine and everything flowed pretty well. Suddenly everything changed and she started treating us like slaves. Making us do more work within the compound than we were supposed to. Initially, our duties were shared between us but her children failed to do theirs and she would make us do it. She would yell at us as if were kids and command us to do stuff that we were initially not even supposed to do. She started demonstrating serious level of wickedness. She stopped water from coming into our apartment and refused to let us fetch from the tank. We had to go find ways to get water. She would curse at us like we didn't pay for the apartment we were in, it was a terrible experience.

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