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This general perception about the need to go to have an education to become a successful person, I really want to know if that is true.
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Education is very necessary because learning something, is basically getting an education. You need to educate yourself on something so you can be successful. And more than that, regardless of the present impression that some young people are having about the need to go to school, the four walls of a school builds you up to a certain level that will enable you to perform better at something than those that didn't go to school. Because you can exercise your knowledge which is much broader in general sense than what  they have.
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Who scul hep??

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Education is beyond the four walls of a school. When you train yourself in a particular field, you are getting an education. So education is necessary for success because you cannot be successful when you are not good at something.
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It depends on what you see education to be

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