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I would love to know some of those things people  do that defines who they are or how they reason.

Can I get people here to please share some of those little things people do that defines their personality?
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The way a person dresses tells a lot of the person is careful or careless, it tells if the person is coordinated or disorganized, it tells if the person cares about what people think or not.

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The way you walk tells a lot about you. You can tell if someone is proud by the way he/she walks. You can also tell if someone has low self esteem by the way they walk
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You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of jokes they tell.
- If they come into the room and ease the tension with amazing kind of jokes that gets everyone laughing hard, they are outgoing people; free minded people. They can easily get along with others.

- If the person jokes about something that should be taken seriously, that person is a carefree person and he/she does not care about people's feelings

- Someone that joke about people by making them feel inferior or stupid, is a pretty much frustrated person. That person would enjoy making you feel like less of a person just as a means that hype themselves and release themselves of the frustration they feel.

If a person says things that are thought provoking but says it in a comic manner that would make you marvel and laugh at the same time, that person is a freethinker.
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Hmmm this is very true

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