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I would like you guys to please share with me ways I can deal with my low self esteem.
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To overcome low self esteem, you must be confident in yourself. You have to ignore every negative thing people say about u!

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One thing that instigates self esteem, is your thought process. There is a lot of things responsible for the way you think. Ranging from your background to your environment to you genetics to what you hear and see.
However, your belief system is what controls your thought process. That is to say, whatever you believe is what you think and that becomes who you are. Therefore, it is just a simple turn from whatever you Initially believed about yourself that would change your self esteem. Although a lot of things could have contributed to what you think of yourself, you can however change it by changing what you believe about yourself.
First, you should believe positive things and not negative things then you start to think positively
Second, remember that everyone is just as human as you are, people just choose to see themselves the way they do. Therefore start seeing yourself the way you want to be seen. Say positive things about yourself, tell yourself you can do it. Tell yourself you are perfect and nothing can change that
Third; most times, what causes us to believe negative things about ourselves, then causing us to have low self-esteem, is what people told us. Now, you're gonna need to start filtering what people say and choose the one you want to accept. Choose the positive, ignore the negative. However, you could also see negative statements as an avenue for growth and not for destruction. Don't take to heart the negative things you hear and build up on it. Instead see how possible you can actually use that statement to become better; be positive about everything.
Fourth; tell yourself you are special and you were made for a purpose. Tell yourself You've got an important role to play on Earth therefore you are just as important as everyone else.

Good luck living a confident life

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