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I tend to feel so much anxiety whenever exam approaches and it really affects me so much that even when I prepare, I am not able to perform the way I want
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Exam fever is one thing that seriously fails people oh....

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Exam fears is something that everyone faces at one point or the other. The way to overcome those fears is by seeing exams as an opportunity to prove what you know. You just need to release your mind and study calmly so you can assimilate. Don't allow yourself to be pressured by the experience. The key to being at ease when exam approaches, is preparing right from the beginning of the semester. That is you study everyday; go through what ever you learned in class. That way, you will only be revising as exam gets closer and then it would all become easy. When you get to the exam Hall, take a deep breath, keep calm and free your mind from the thought of failing. You will do just fine!

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